About Us


Our Vision

We seek to realize the full potential of people with all forms of blindness so that they can participate fully in society.

Our Mission

It is our mission to expand possibilities for the blind and visually impaired people through creating employment and providing programs encouraging independence and self-confidence.

Our Values

Empathy, Responsibility, Respect, Tough-Minded Optimism



In 2012, Mrs. Huong Nguyen received the Humphrey Fellowship from the United States Government to spend a year of non-degree graduate-level study, leadership development, and professional collaboration with U.S counterparts in University of Minnesota, United States. During her trip to Seattle organized by the Humphrey Program in the University of Washington, she met Kirk Adams, the President of the Lighthouse for the Blind, at a dinner in March 2013. This was the first time she heard about the model of social entrepreneurship that adopted the business mindset to address social issues. She surprised to know that the Lighthouse for the Blind in Seattle could produce such high-quality manufacturing products that it could be supplier of aerospace manufacturers like Boeing, though it is a social impacted organization. Returning to the hotel with Kirk’s words “Maybe one day you can do something to help the blind people in Vietnam”, Huong started immediately searching information about the blind in Vietnam and their situation.

Only few sad figures available: Only 8% of the Vietnamese visually impaired go to school, 15% attend training courses, and 20% have jobs. Most of the Vietnamese blind live off their families, rarely communicate with others in their communities, do not believe in themselves and have little hope for the future. Massage therapy has been one of the best jobs for Vietnamese blind people; unfortunately, training in all aspects of the profession receives very little financial and technological support from governments and other resources. Hence, they only work in low-end parlors with low income, about 1-1.5 usd per 60-minute-treatment and exposing to physical and sexual abuses. Their job is not respected because of the society’s prejudice against massage as a form of prostitution disguised.

After doing an intensive research, Huong, also a research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, then made a decision to leave her position as a young director-level government official with promising political career, together with her husband, lawyer Phan Vu Anh, to co-found Blind-Link in May 2013. To be the first and pioneering in this field in Vietnam, Blind-Link chooses to attack the issues by providing the blind with professional and personal development trainings, creating high value-added jobs via Omamori Spa chain, and transforming the image of blind massage.

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Professional and Personal Development Programs

Blind-Link offers a host of programs available to the blind community at large. Our programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to obtain skills need to achieve success in independent life, interact with peers and sighted people in a variety of social situations, gain a knowledge of the working world and build self-confidence and self-esteem. Core programs include: Massage, English Communication, Entrepreneurship, Sexual Assault Prevention, Soft Skills.
Omamori Spa Team

Omamori Spa Chain

Blind-Link cooperates with social impact investors to operate a chain of Omamori Spa in Vietnam. Besides creating a better standard of living and greater self-esteem for this deserving group of citizens, we also aspire to bring sighted, visually impaired and blind therapists together to create a working atmosphere free of any social marginalization. In Hanoi, since a larger space is needed for training programs, we moved from the initial location in Huynh Thuc Khang Street to the current headquarter, a high-end & large-size spa, at 52A Hang Bun, nearby the Old Quarter since April 12th, 2017. The second location at the heart of the Old Quarter, Hanoi - 10-bed Omamori Spa 100 Hàng Trống Street has gone into operation since December 1, 2018. Omamori Spa 100 Hàng Trống situates just two blocks from the west side of Hoan Kiem Lake, and two blocks from the beautiful St. Joseph's Cathedral. We are also raising social impact investments to open a new training center in the central region of Vietnam so that we can reach the blind community in the most affected areas during the wars.

Omamori Spa Co-op

Omamori Spa Co-op is a group of studios established as part of an initiative of Omamori Spa to provide blind therapists trained by Omamori Spa master teachers the opportunity to gain their independence and become self-employed, renting beds within an established spa and thereby empowering them to work on their own but with the marketing and administrative support of a respected organization. This group targets middle-income clients seeking professional massages at affordable prices. We are backed by Blind-Link, a social impact organization supporting the blind community since 2013.

Our Ex-Students' Massage Studios

Our ex-students and employees have been running their own massage studios: 5-massage-bed studio in the former first location of Omamori Spa at 102 B1 Ngo 5, Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Hanoi run by Ms. Nguyen Thi Viet Chinh, a completely blind talented female therapist. She named it Himawari Spa. Tel: 0986 801 836. 3-massage-bed studio at Ngo 12 Lang Ha, Room 206, H2, Tap the Thanh Cong, Hanoi run by Mr. Dang Duc Thang, a completely blind talented male therapist. Tel: 0917 893 486 Blind-Link also provided massage training for blind therapists and helped with setting up the massage studio in Dao’s Care, Hoang Hoa Tham street, Hanoi in 2016.

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