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Conversational English Program

Post 2022-05-18 10:44:09

Conversational English Program

Conversational English is a special professional program designed by BindLink for Vietnamese blind students. There is a great range of benefits and advantages that become available when a blind is skilled and confidents with his/her English language.
In terms of employment opportunity, being able to speak English help blind therapists expand their customer segments to serve foreign residents and tourists. In addition, English speaking capability also make blind and partially sighted people be more self-confident, and give them more opportunities to interact and communicate with global environment. Last but not least, although there are many assistive technologies developed to support the blind and partially sighted people in the world, these technologies only support English and some other most spoken languages. For instance, after braille, no invention has enabled blind and visually impaired people to communicate as effectively as the assistive technologies that make computers and the Internet accessible. Digital technology has also given blind people ever-expanding opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, Vietnamese blind or visually impaired people must learn English so that they may benefit from these assistive technologies.

To allow our students practice speaking English as much as possible, the teaching ratio is designed to be 1:1:3 (01 foreign volunteer, 01 local teaching assistant and 03 blind students), 60 minutes per session. Blind students learn by touching, memorizing and repeating what they hear from the teacher. Curriculum is provided by BlindLink. 

Since 2013, we have the honor and privilege to be a partner of the Global Volunteers, United States to conduct the English program for blind students. 


: Conversational English Program

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