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Nguyet Nguye Omamori Spa

Nguyệt Nguyễn

Visually impaired. Age 33. Bac Ninh Province

She is 33 years old and has a son. She is from Bac Ninh province which is 60 km from Hanoi. She was visually impaired at birth. She has 15 years of working experience and is one of the massage instructors at Omamori Spa.

Manh Omamori Spa

Huy Mạnh

Visually impaired. Age 24. Bac Ninh province.

He is 24 years old from a village in Bac Ninh province, 60 km from Hanoi. He lost his vision when he was on military duty to clear mines near the border of China and Vietnam. His certificate shows that he lost 95 percent of his working capacity.

Nham Omamori Spa1

Thiều Nhâm

Sighted. Age 28. Thanh Hoa Province

She is 28 years old and has a son. She is from Thanh Hoa province which is 300 km from Hanoi. She has nearly 10 years of working experience and is one of the massage instructors at Omamori Spa.


Our Values


We put ourselves in the position of the blind to understand, sympathize and love the community we serve


We nurture the power of team performance but ensure individual responsibility for decisions and results


We value diversity and treat others as we expect to be treated

Tough-Minded Optimism

We are realistic, positive and creative.


왜 여기가 트립어드바이저에서 하노이 스파중 22위밖에 안되는지 모르겠다... 가격도 싸고 서비스도 매우 좋다. 마사지는 완벽했다. 영어도 전반적으로 모든 직원이 잘해서 원하는 내용을 전달하기가 쉬웠다. 노팁정책을 운영하고 있어 팁에 대해서 신경쓰지 않아도 되는 것도 좋은 점인것같다. 유일한 단점은 호안끼엠의 번화가 한폭판은 아니라는거...? 나는 숙소가 롯데센터 주변에 있어 단점은 아니었지만 호안끼엠 주변에 숙소가 있는 관광객들에게는 불편할 수도 있겠다. testimonial

Daeun K

This really was one of the best massages I've ever had. The zen-in-the-heart massage is highly recommended, using a variety of techniques and very intuitive style. Very good value for money testimonial


Merci à l’équipe ! Massages de grande qualité pour les grands et les petits (8 ans et 12ans) Un sens de l’accueil d’une gentillesse et d’une grande bienveillance. testimonial

Nathalie P

Spend an hour here to relaxe with a back massage. Very strong girls testimonial


Wer Massagen liebt, kommt hier auf seine Kosten. Meine Freundin und ich bekamen den Tipp durch unseren Lonely Planet Reiseführer. Zu Beginn wurden wir sehr herzlich mit leckerem Tee empfangen. Danach wurden wir von einer sehr freundlichen Mitarbeiterin über die verschiedenen Massagen und Öle beraten. Obwohl wir nicht reserviert haben, fanden sie Platz für uns und wir mussten nicht einmal 10 min warten. Eine Reservierung vorzunehmen wäre allerdings sicher kein Fehler. Die Massage war wirklich sehr gut und wir kamen beide voll auf unsere Kosten. Man spürt auf eine besondere Art, wie perfektionistisch die blinden Masseure sich jedem einzelnen Gast widmen. Wer also eine besondere Massage genießen will und gleichzeitig eine tolle gemeinnützige Organisation unterstützen möchte sollte sich einen Besuch im Omamori Spa nicht entgehen lassen. testimonial

Manuel S

After a 2day hiking in Sapa, we needed relaxation and that is exactly what we found here. Very clean, professional, oasis of Pease in a busy city. Loved it!! testimonial


We enjoyed and would definitely recommend it. They did an amazing job! Compared to prices in Europe it was super cheap. testimonial


I visited Omamori Spa twice and had the same therapist by chance. Both times I was asked which specific areas I wanted the massage to focus on and the therapist was able tailor the session to suit that request. This was impressive and indicates an eagerness to please and also the supberb level of training the therapists received. The facility is very clean and very nicely done up. Advance reservation is recommended which can be done through their website. I would definitely return again if am back in Hanoi. testimonial


丁寧な施術 予約をせずにお昼の2時半頃行きましたが、いっぱいで1時間後なら大丈夫との事で予約をお願いして90分のコースを受けました。最初に簡単なカウンセリングの後部屋に通され施術開始です。 こちらのセラピストは視覚障害者の方々で、目が見えない分、指先の感覚が優れておられるようで1つ1つのツボが的確でした。施術終了後は本当に身体が軽く楽になりました。マッサージにはうるさい主人も満足していました。 最後にチップはどうすれば良いか受付の方に尋ねると、チップは結構ですのでもし良かったらこの店をお友達やご家族にご紹介下さい、そして又来て下さいと仰いました。そういう謙虚な姿勢が非常に好感を持てます。又ハノイに行ったら必ず再訪します。 testimonial


Last night my wife and I received 90 minutes hot stone massage at Omamori Spa at their Hang Trong location and liked it a lot. Before masseuse starts, s/he asks whether you have any concerns and areas they should concentrate on more and checks whether everything is okay periodically. I would definitely come back to this place again. Note that they run 20% off promo in a newly opened location until the end of 2018. Unfortunately, this newly opened location doesn't accept credit card payments yet. testimonial



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