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Post 17/04/2018

Even though Nguyet’s husband is also a visually impaired, her family is always full of laughing with her little son who brings big smile to her face whenever she talks about her family. 

“ I didn’t really think of my disability as a hardship till I gave birth to my son. Not being able to see anything clearly causes a lot of difficulties for me to take care of my son, especially when he is too little.”- said Nguyet (or Moon in English).

Nguyet is always such a generetic woman

Nguyet just celebrated her 33rd birthday, but she has been a massage therapist for over ten years, “ I was born to become a massage therapist, I guess”- She smiled. Before joining Omamori Spa, she was working as a professional massage therapist as well as massage teacher. Thanks for her skilled massage techniques and such a great sensitive hands, Nguyet soon became one of the therapists who have the best massage technique, hence, both Vietnamese and international clients set great store by her. Through internet, Nguyet had some clues about Omamori Spa and it’s social enterprise concept, she couldn’t imagine she would come to Omamori Spa to train Swedish Massage technique to new trainees.

Nguyet is now a manager of massage technique at Omamori Spa

Nguyet is now undertaking the position as a Director of Massage Training Program of Blind-Link and teaching at Omamori Spa 52A Hàng Bún street. "My tasks everyday at Omamori Spa include involving in massage training to the blind and visually impaired trainees". Nguyet also had two years of working experience as manager of Omamori Spa in the first location in Huỳnh Thúc Kháng street before Blind-Link moved all staff and facilities to the new facility in Hàng Bún. That time was a challenging but brought valuable experience to her development, Nguyet said " I was in charge of managing daily activities of the small-size studio. 2 year isn’t considered long, but I got the opportunity to learn so many things. I found myself have more skills to facing challenges. Above that, directly involving into the management of the spa, I get more and more valuable experience which are very helpful for my profession as well as in daily life”

Nguyet have been teaching massage techniques for Thang Dang, a completely blind & partially deaf therapist since 2014

She said that things she likes most about Omamori Spa are a well- organized working environment and especially the concept of social enterprise which is although very new but has many potential to develop in the future. This kind of job is perfectly suitable to the blind and visually impaired in term of their disable condition and their gifted skill. She also shared the hope of helping more and more blind and visually impaired people : “From the bottom of my heart, I really hope this project will reach more blind and visually impaired young people like me, bring to them a great chance to learn massage that reach international standards for free and a better working environment.”

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