Our Movie Without Sight Program - Blind Massage Movie

Post 12/06/2018

The idea seems crazy when everyone hears it the first time. But no, it was organized and left us so much feelings – the special audiences who can see a little or can’t see anything on the screen. This is the movie night for blind therapists that Omamori Spa launched the first time to bring a special entertaining moment to its staff. 

How wonderful it is after a hard-working day, everyone can gather and sit together to enjoy a movie in a cozy, romantic space. At 9.30 pm, everything is ready. The guest room of the spa now looks like a movie room of a family. On the table placed candies, fruits, and even a bottle of Chilean wine. Everyone was so excited to wait for a unique experience. 

The guest room of the spa now looks like a movie room of a family.

The program began with a short introduction about the movie. It was a brilliant product of Lou Ye (China), which was a big winner of the Golden Horse film awards in 2014. That is the movie named “Blind Massage”. The moment that we seemed hardly wait for seeing it, given information about the charm of the movie, the MC ended her introduction, and the screen showed the first image of a man in the hospital, we - the visually impaired and blind audience started "seeing" the movie in a very special way.

Each shot of the film, each gesture, each action, dialogue and even feeling and emotion of the characters are described in detail with picturesque words and beautiful voices of the narrators. Everyone focused on watching, so were I. Stories of characters in the movie seemed happening in front of me, lively and realistic like talking about our own lives. Just like in the movie, most of us are young men and women enjoying the most beautiful period of our lives. Besides our works, our daily life is also full of activities with up and down moments, like a colorful painting. We also have stories about love, friendship and our desire of a happy family in the future…..

The film was over. A minute of silence, then a big applause. All of us couldn’t hide our big surprise and gratitude to Omamori Spa’s front office staff who brought us an unforgettable new experience in our lives. They are in charge of marketing and customer care, they are not only beautiful, smart but also warmhearted, sincere and enthusiastic to support the blind community. Four young girls spent nearly a month to prepare for the movie night, which touched our hearts and made us believe that we deserved to be cared, respected and loved by the sighted. It's that helped blind people like us to have more confidence and motivation to integrate in the society. 

Last night, I had a beautiful dream. A dream that our story of blind therapists at Omamori Spa is filmed and we become main actors in that movie. Our movie would be released and warmly welcomed by audiences all over the world. And after watching the movie, everyone understand and give big recognition to the job and capabilities of blind therapists. 

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