Global Volunteer members' memorable experience in Bat Trang Village

Post 27/02/2018

Keith and Kathy expressed their appreciation to Vietnamese artists who created those delicate and unique products, picked several products to bring home as souvenirs.

Global Volunteer member and therapist's Omamori Spa

After that, all enjoyed a memorable experience as a pottery artist. They had a try at doing some vases themselves from making a product frame, decorating to baking, and then got their own products.

Blink-Lind's volunteers and therapist all had a try at doing some vases themselves

Blink-Lind's volunteers and therapist all were decorating to baking

They got their own products

The volunteers shared that they had a meaningful time in Vietnam with their organization, with Blind-Link and Omamori Spa, and also their studious students; they hoped to have chances to come back to Vietnam, enjoy an interesting experience here and see how their students improve.

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