Great news from Taiwan

Post 15/04/2020

April 14, 2019: Great news from Taiwan

"(From Taiwan) ask for your consent : a case study about Blind-Link To whom it may concern, This letter is to illustrate that we will write a case study about your company and ask for your consent and assistance. 

This project named “Social Innovation Cases” is issued by the Workforce Development Agency, affiliated with Taiwan Ministry of Labor(MOL), which purpose is to enhance the innovation and entrepreneurship of the Taiwanese people, planned to report 40 global innovative companies and publish on the official website of the Taiwan Ministry of Labor ( by the end of 2020.


This project was commissioned to Case Content Consultant Co.. We searched the information extensively on the internet and find your company's innovation model and entrepreneurial spirit are in line with the cases the project expects to report. However, due to time and space limit, we will collect the information from your official website and various public interview articles on the internet, then re-write into about 2000 words article in Chinese. The main content includes your company's entrepreneurial background and history, business model, entrepreneurial ideas and the social innovative value. 

Besides, we also need your assistance. To make the report article more attractive, we hope that you can at least send us 3 photos, which are the legal copyright of your company. These photos can be your founders, startup team, honor time, work or service scenarios. For better quality on website, it is even better if the photo size is larger than 1Mb.

Finally, please also send photo description in the same email. Respecting your intellectual property rights, we will indicate the resources of the photos. Would you please send them to us by 5/1. In addition, we need your consent to use these photos for this project. As an agreement between us, please reply as follows. “We agree to authorize this batch of photos to the Case Content Consultant Co. on behalf of the Workforce Development Agency, Taiwan Ministry of Labor, and this authorization is limited to the "Social Innovation Case" project. 

When the report is published, we will send you the link to the report website. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, we look forward to your response and will be very grateful for your assistance. If you have any difficulties or considerations, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you for your help! 

Best Regards,"

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