Omamori Spa Co-op, No.15 Alley 50 Dao Duy Tu street, Old Quarter

Post 01/07/2019

Omamori Spa Co-op- Your Personal Oasis in Hanoi - Grand Opening - 15/50 Dao Duy Tu str, Old Quarter.

Omamori Spa Co-op is a group of studios established as part of an initiative of Omamori Spa to provide blind therapists trained by Omamori Spa master teachers the opportunity to gain their independence and become self-employed, renting beds within an established spa and thereby empowering them to work on their own but with the marketing and administrative support of a respected organization. This group targets middle-income clients seeking professional massages at affordable prices. We are backed by Blind-Link, a social impact organization supporting the blind community since 2013.

Omamori Spa Co-op, 15/50 Dao Duy Tu str

YOU ARE INVITED!! 10% DISCOUNT for all treatments until END OF JUNE.

This can be your personal oasis, a place to escape for a while and relax your tired muscles.

We believe you will appreciate the convenience and the serenity of this location. We're equally confident that you will enjoy the highly skilled treatment you will receive from our professional masseurs.

For more detail information services, please come to website:

Please contact us at: 

☎️ Telephone: (024) 6668 9666/ 096 982 5494/ (024) 666 282 27

📧 Email: [email protected] 

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