Story of a Young Soldier

Post 12/04/2018

It started as any normal trek in the forest near the border of China and Vietnam, finding mine signals. Our metal detector suddenly beeped. The bomb was covered in debris so we thought it was a kind of metal. 

The next thing I knew, I was thrown a few feet away. That was the day I lost my eyesight. Thinking back that moment, I am incredibly thankful. I would have died, considering how close I was to it. 

But nevertheless, after I am visually impaired, I felt in a state of despair. I wouldn’t eat, sleep or go out. Why should I? Surrounding me is darkness. Darkness I could not escape from, even in my dreams. But eventually, I got used to it, even when I don’t want to. I joined the blind association in my district. They taught me how to do Vietnamese massage techniques. For the first time since I lost my eyesight, I felt two things: hope and confidence.

I found out Omamori Spa by accidently and decided to give it a try. I think this Spa is clean and professional. Everyone is helpful and kind to me. They understand my circumstances because they have been working with people like me for long time. I get to learn English and interact with a lot of customers. My dream is to come to Liverpool as I am a fan of Liverpool football team. I am bent on fulfilling that dream.

A Young Soldier was performing massage

Now, I know that people who are hard-working and honesty will have fulfilling lives. They can have a “happy ending”. I really hope many visually impaired and blind people in Vietnam will know about Blind-Link and the Omamori Spa chain and have opportunities to work in such a good environment.

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Thang - Owner of 3-bed Studio!

Mr. Thang Dang (1984) was born in Trai hemlet, Kim Ho village, Le Chi commune, Gia Lam rural district, Hanoi
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Chinh's story

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