Volunteer's Story - Dick Henke

Post 27/02/2018

I would like to say thank you to all of you - staff at Omamori Spa. You make my experience with Global Volunteers at Omamori Spa very special and memorable. It seems to me that I get much more than what I have. You are simply great.” - Dick Henke

Global Volunteers - Dick Henke

Dick was too touched to finish his sentence at the time he shared his feeling at the farewell party. And now he also writes a letter telling us that this is his first time to come to Vietnam as well as the first time he does volunteer work. In the US, he was a manager of a restaurant so he shared us a lot about customer care knowledge from his own experience. 

Global Volunteers and therapist

Although Dick has pain in his legs, which makes it difficult for him to move, he’s willing to commute to Omamori Spa, spends 6 hours per day teaching us. His effort brings us a strong belief in what we are doing, the journey we are going on. That means we are not alone in this journey, we need to try hard so as not to destroy the faith others place on us. We will study hard, perform well to achieve success.

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