Thai Dieu Linh - Winner never quit, and quitter never win

Post 19/04/2018

When you first meet Thai Dieu Linh, you can’t tell if she is blind. Wherever Linh is, the atmosphere surrounded her seems shiner by her pretty face and her bright smile. 

Linh was born in 1994, she is the only child in a family with just 3 members: Linh and her retired –parents. Her family now live in Van Phuc Village , Kim Ma, Hanoi.

Thai Dieu Linh (the left), the girl has sunshine smile

Linh was born and raised with bright eyes just like any other children. Her life used to be as normal as the lives of  her friends at the same age: going to school, going out with friends in the weekend…. Her young, enjoyable life would have continued that way if she didn’t get a fever when she was in 12 grade in high school. Linh was diagnosed with tuberculosis meningitis. After getting medicine treatment, her faculty of sight got worse and worse. “ During that time I was preparing for the high school graduate exams, unfortunately I couldn’t finish high school as my friends did. Losing the faculty of sight made me feel like something was missing, especially when I was in the most beautiful time in my youth. Everything seemed surreal and unacceptable for me, I became scared of going out, I thought my friends would stay away from me . Thanks to the support and the huge encouragement from my parents, I got the motivation again to adjust to my new circumstance.” – said Linh.

From a friend’s recommendation, Linh knew about the scholarship program of Blind-Link, which is for young Vietnamese blind who wants to be a massage therapist. “ At Omamori Spa, I have the opportunity to learn about Swedish Massage and Omamori Massage in deep and thorough way, which is very exciting to me”. Besides massage, Linh also finds it interesting about learning English with the international volunteers. She said she did learn English when she was in public school, but the tuberculosis meningitis made her forget most of the words and phrases, hence, she takes this opportunity with enthusiasm “ I feel like I’m learning a new thing, and it excites me a lot!”- she confined.

She also said there were still a lot of things for her to learn in the journey to become a professional massage therapist, but she had a big belief in what she was doing and learning, because “ Winner never quit, and quitter never win!”

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