The warmed hearts

Post 12/06/2018

Loan is a therapist at Omamori Spa. She is 22 year old. She comes from the suburb of Hanoi - Bat Trang village, where is very famous for producing Vietnamese traditional ceramic products. 

Unfortunately, Loan is blind at birth. Losing sight couldn't prevent her from going to school like other kids. Luckily, she was accepted to Nguyen Đinh Chieu blind school and after that, received a scholarship to graduate from Nguyen Van To high school. Loan can play chess very well and became national chess champion last year so that she is offered a paid- position in Hanoi chess team. However, the salary is low and unstable, so Loan decided to learn massage to become professional therapist.

Omamori Spa's staff had a trip to visit Loan's family. Now, she is living with her parents in a small house and so sad her father is sick. We wish her father a quick recovery from illness, Loan and her family are always healthy, full of happiness.

Omamori Spa's staff had a trip to visit Loan's family

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