Thuong Thuong- The power of faith story

Post 12/06/2018

Monday, April 2nd is a special day with all members at Omamori Spa. It is special because we met and talked to a very special person- sister Thu Thuong, who was born with OI and hundreds of times of bone broken made her remain in the shape of a 80-cm-baby though over 30 years old. 

Thu Thuong is the founder of the Thuong Thuong Handmade Center which providing training and employments for a number of disabled youths in the area of quilling art. We feel so close together as we share a lot of similarities in doing business and thinking about core values of our lives. We both have been working hard to make highly-skilled, dedicated and high-value added products and services to meet the demand of high-end clients. " I never thought that I would produce low quality handmade products that clients bought because of charity. Sometimes, my staff felt frustrated and complained about clients' high demanding, but I told them that those high-demanding clients are those feeding us. If they were easy clients, they could go to the market to buy a bundle of low quality quilling products. Then no reason to look for us!" 

That's her story, but we felt it was our story yesterday. Suddenly I remembered the book written by Joe entitled "Ngược chiều vun vút" - "Going against headwinds", yes, she and Thuong Thuong Handmade Center, we and Omamori Spa, we both choose to think in a different way, to do in a different way and to take a different journey opposite to what others are doing, whether we will change the game, or will be crushed when going against headwinds?

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