Massage Skill Continuing Education

Post 30/05/2018

Massage Skill Continuing Education Program is an essential program designed by Blind-Link for Vietnamese visually impaired masseurs. Continuing competence promotes effective massage therapy, assists in preventing poor practice, and contributes to the quality of practice and best possible client outcomes. 

 As doing massage is believed to be one of the best-suited jobs and providing the highest income, it is vital for Vietnamese visually impaired masseurs to increase their knowledge base to continuously improve for both their own personal success and that of the client.

Though more and more visually impaired masseurs passed the minimum requirement of three-month training for a legal certificate, our Continuing Education program help fill in training gaps in basic education which is nowhere near enough time to prepare an individual for the complexities of clinical practice that are required for advanced massage treatment. In addition, the Continuing Education develops clinical competencies including patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills.

Volunteers - Giving trainees the opportunity to hear from and share experiences with certified therapists is essential to the Blind-Link experience. We regularly have guest speakers and short-term volunteers help the trainees learn new techniques or modalities and professional knowledge. For detailed information, please kindly contact us [email protected]

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