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Post 01/04/2018

The Vietnamese people have for centuries practiced holistic treatments to nourish the body and spirit. These fun modular courses will give you an insight into our most popular approaches to health.

The massage classes will be a hands on experience in which you will give and receive safe, warm touch which feels good, relieves stress, and helps keep us all healthy. With the rush and stress in our many of our daily lives, massage is a wonderful way to slow down and reconnect with family, friends and loved ones. Massage is also a good way to connect with our own sense of self. You will learn basic massage skills which you can use over and over again for the rest of your life to support healing and create pleasure. 

No previous massage experience is necessary.  Come on your own, or come with a partner!

Half-day Head-Neck Massage

Duration: Half-day/3 hours (9 AM-12 PM)

Start: Weekly 

Price: $39 USD

Class size: 4 (Min) -  10 (Max)

1 day Vietnamese Traditional Back Massage

Duration: 1 day/7 hours (9 AM-16 PM)

Start: Weekly 

Price: $89 USD

Class size: 4 (Min) -  6 (Max)

A fun day learning the delights of Vietnamese Traditional Back Massage. A great experience for couples and friends to share.

Daily Schedule

9:00am – Start your day with Meditation and Yoga

9:30am – Learn and practice Vietnamese back massage techniques

12:00pm – 12:30pm Vietnamese Lunch - Crispy Spring Rolls with coffee, tea or water (Included in fee)

12:30pm – Continue learning Vietnamese Back Massage

 4:00pm - Overview + Certification. Congratulations!

Complimentary One bottle of Traditional Vietnamese massage oil

Booking and payment in advanced is required

Refund Policy: A full refund of all tuition money (less 10% of deposit fees) will be given if the learner withdraws no later than the fifth business day (excluding holidays) after signing the contract or making an initial payment. If termination occurs less than 10% of the Program, a 10% of tuition fee will be retained. If termination occurs between 10% and 25% of the Program, a 25% of tuition fee will be retained. If termination occurs between 25% and 50% of the Program, a 50% of tuition fee will be retained. If termination occurs after 50% of the Program, the learner remains responsible for the full tuitions as per terms of the contract. Refunds will be paid within thirty calendar days of the learners official date of termination.

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