Chinh's story

Post date: 2017-09-18

Unfortunately, I got in an accident when I was 19 years old, which took away my visual ability completely. 

At first, I got lots of trouble adjusting to my new condition. The simple activities that I used to do before, at that point all became so difficult and challenging for me to do. I was thinking back then I must be the most unfortunate person in the world for getting into that accident, just thinking of my friends still moving forward to their goal of life could make me feel very sad and inconfident. It took me awhile to get used to the dark and the fact that I could never see anymore, I decided to become a member of local blind assosiation. Through the introduction of the blind association, I went to Hanoi to get the vocational training courses of the Centre of training and rehabilitation for Vietnamese Blind. I joined some courses which were supposed to support my future career such as Japanese Massage, managing small enterprise as well as English.

After gratuating from the courses, I was introduced to Blind-Link’s free massage training. At Omamori Spa, I continue to study professional massage techniques and languages like English and even Japanese. back to the hard time I was just loosing my vision, it felt like I also lost my belief in my life and the bright prospect of my future. But now, joining Blind-Link gives me for the first time the oportunity to have friends who have the same circumstance, so that, we can understand each other very well and it is natural for us to share, to love and support each other.. I begin to love my life more and gain my self- confidence.

Chinh was in English class with volunteer in Global Volunteer Organization

 The model of Omamori Spa and the professional working style of the staffs here are the most impressive thing I have about this working enviroment. I specially interest in the support program to learn English and Japanese with international volunteers, they are such a relaxing and helpful classes for me to communicate to the clients and people around me. I always know massage is one of the most suitable to the blind, but in order to become such a professional and skilled therapist, I know there are still so many things to learn and improve.

In the future, hopefully I can learn more about massage skills and practically working to gain and gather knowledge to be able to open a massage centre for the blind in my hometown.


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