​Duong Bui, a blind therapist and a saxophonist

Post date: 2018-09-12

Duong Bui is one of five new students have been training in Omamori Spa at the moment. Duong, 22 years old, has just graduated from Hanoi College of Art, where he learnt to become a saxophonist. 

Duong lost vision when he preparing to take the entrance exam to the university 4 years ago. He was diganosed with the intraocular melanoma. 

He is playing piano

Duong shared with us "I grew up in a rural village in Nam Dinh province. In the village, many adults people can play saxophone as a way of entertainment. So I learnt and felt in love with saxophone when I was small. However, I couldn't get a job after graduation". 

Duong, 22 years old

He suffered serious stress for a while before joining us. We do hope that this place can help ease his pain and become self-confidence in a bright future ahead.


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