My story - Dinh Duc Thiep

Post date: 2017-11-18

I quit going to school several years ago because my eyes were getting worse. 

Thiep participated in Blind-Link’s English Communication Program

Some time later, I joined the Quang Binh Blind Association and learned computer science, the Braille, music, massage and then I opened my own massage parlor in Quang Binh province. I participated in Blind-Link’s English Communication Program last year when I was studying in the Training and Rehabilitation Center for Vietnamese Blind. Two months ago, I moved from Quang Binh to Hanoi to continue studying and working towards my high school diploma. Omamori Spa strongly supports my educational endeavors and has offered me a good job after I graduate from Blind-Link’s free two-month intensive training course. I have fallen in love with doing massage here! Never before we were taught that massage is really an art! As I love music and love playing the guitar, I feel this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life because I am now happy and successful with my education, my work, and my hobbies!


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