Thang - Owner of 3-bed Studio!

Post date: 2017-10-18

Mr. Thang Dang (1984) was born in Trai hemlet, Kim Ho village, Le Chi commune, Gia Lam rural district, Hanoi. Thang was raised in a family of two children, whose father died in 2009 due to a throat cancer.

Currently, Thang is living in with his mother. He lost his vision by a danger pituitary tumor which has inserted into optic nerves leading to atrophy papilary. In 2000, the family took him to treatment while he was in high school. By 2003, his eyes became totally blind. After two surgeries, he not only has vision but also hearing loss. 

Thang even experience a time of memory disfunctioning and his mother felt hopeless because she thought that he would not recall anything. During  a convalescence at home, once incidentally, Thang holded the guitar and remembered a Vietnamese song titled "The Guitar of Student". His mother and other members sang songs he liked before. Then the miracle came true, Thang gradually recovered and ultimately recalled with full memory from the past to now. 

Thang was learning to massage with Omamori Spa's technician

Thang was a member of the Blind Association in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi where he was taught braille, computer skill, Vietnamese massage techniques and worked for one year until his father died. Despite vision and partially hearing losses, Thang has a special memory as the reward. Before attending Blind-Link’s training programs, Thang was just at home to help mom with housework including repairing electricity and water systems in the family. 

After four months of intensive massage training program at Blind-Link, Thang graduated a course of Swedish and acupressure massage and received a job offer from Omamori Spa. "I have no hope for future. When my mother passed away, I only can sponge on my sister”, Thang said when he was asked about the future.

In 2017, when the local government swept vendors from city streets of Hanoi, Thang’s mom, who makes a living by selling drinkings in Lang Ha Street, could stay at home because Thang had income double that of his mom thanks to his job at Omamori Spa.

Thang and the volunteers

By the end of 2017, Thang and his mom decided to open a 3-bed massage studio at home. His address is Room 206, H2, Tap the Thanh Cong, Lane 12, Lang Ha Street, Hanoi. We highly appreciate if you could consider giving him an opportunity and help to bring the faith of self-confidence and bright future to Thang.


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