Tú, who has the Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart at Omamori Spa

Post date: 2019-05-08

I was a lucky girl who was accepted to work at Omamoria Spa. I thought that might be a harsh time with a "pampered girl" like me because I had never worked or lived with disabled people before, however, I was wrong. Visually impaired people at Omamori Spa always keep the faith in life, keep the passion with massage career, they enthuse and dedicate with everybody, helped me a lot to adapt to the new environment. Every working day is a great day, I see the life is more meaningful wherever I talk to them.

It only took a few days for me to acquainted with the job, I was assigned to a new branch at 100 Hàng Trống. This place is not as spacious, convenient as the headquarter - 52A Hàng Bún but it has the beauty which is rustic, cozy and peaceful. Then, I knew Tú thanks to manager's introduction. Today, I casually talk to him, listen Tú spread his heart about life, I have a chance to learn more about him.

Tú, one of the good therapists at Omamori Spa

Tú was born and raised in Hanoi, seemed to have a life like any other child. Unluckily, he met an accident when he was 3 years old, the doctor concluded he had a retinal detachment and lost the ability to see. After more than a year that Tú and his family run everywhere for treatment, he regained a part of the light. Four years old - an innocent age, he had to get used to living with his eyes. However. Tú didn't subdue the fate, in 1999, he attended a 3-month course of traditional medicine at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School (School for blind students). That 14-years-old boy started to enjoy learning massage, along with studying at school, he also learned traditional medicine in the evening. That was the first time he understands the meaning of passion.

Tú learn English with Omamori Spa's Global Volunteer

In 2002, he joined the athletics team of Hanoi disabled sports group. At that time, he won many high prizes in the country, he is one of the potential athletics of Hanoi. In 2003, he was selected for the national sports team. In those years, he has won many high medals for the country: Asian Gold Medal, Southeast Asian Silver Medal... And, he met his true love - the current mom of his 2 kids. They met and fell in love, she was one of the volunteers of the athletic team where he competed. They have a happy love with the wedding in 2005.

Tú and staffs at Omamori Spa

Although he was one of the country's most talented athletes, he still kept his childhood passion. In 2010, Tú decided to continue his dream, he opened a small Tam quat shop at home with 8 beds and 5 masseurs. Furthermore, he attended the massage training course of Omamori Spa with the desire to learn and comprehend the essence of the massage that he always dreams.

I can see the love for this job in him which not every therapist can have. I once heard him talk about his wish: "A place for people like him to have the opportunity to work with good income and contribute to society. What a humanistic thought! I wish Tú would achieve his dream!


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