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Tinh- who was born from darkness

Post 2022-05-18 13:50:17

Tinh- who was born from darkness

I honestly couldn’t believe a blind person can do almost everything as a sighted person could do, from learning knowledge, using the mobile phone, the computer, and make a living themselves, until I have worked at Omamori Spa.

Tình is one of the most successful therapists

Everyone would wish they are normal like others, but Tinh, he didn’t get what he wished for. Since Tinh was born, he was surrounded by darkness completely. 

Tinh, 24 years old, is a son in a family with six children. Ngọc Lặc district, where he grew up, is a poor mountainous region of Thanh Hoa province. After graduating at Nguyen Van To high school in Hanoi, Tinh worked at a few low-end massage parlors then getting an invitation to be an official of the Ngọc Lặc Blind Association.

Tinh, Omamori Spa's therapists and volunteer at Omamori Spa

A position in the governmental affiliated organization is a desire job of many blind adults as it can provide a stable salary, though low. However, Tinh refused this opportunity to seek for a job in Hanoi where he hoped that he would have opportunities to continue learning new knowledges and skills. A close friend of Tinh, named Hào - who was trained by Blind-Link in 2016, introduced him to Omamori Spa on a sunny day in the middle of September 2017. All massage teachers of Blind-Link working at Omamori Spa were so impressed by his desire to learn, especially when he shared that he would like to master massage techniques so that he could help training for many other blind youths he gets to know. 

Tinh and his friends

Although he was less lucky than some other students because he couldn’t see anything since he was born, Tình is one of the most successful therapists we have trained so far. As Tình can play different music instruments, he quickly brings the heart and soul of an artist to his treatment. From the day he comes, all of our happy moments are filled with delightful music. Omamori Spa, previously happy, now is even more cheerful and joyful. The more I know him, the more I impressed with his skills and his will to live and to thrive. He shared with me his plan for the near future: he wishes to learn more in Omamori Spa to further aid his goal. In the next 5 years, he would like to open a “massage combined with music café” in his homeland.

Tinh can play piano

I see a clear path marked out for him when he shared with me his goals, the conviction, the determination. I believe he will be a living proof to other people that disabilities only make you stronger, smarter and more determined. Omamori Spa will be the boat which brings him to the shores of success that he always believes and hopes for!

: Tinh- who was born from darkness

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