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We went to Omamori during Tet and got a foot massage. They were very professional, the facilities were excellent, and gave a great massage. Would recommend booking ahead as they can be busy


We went there 3 times during our stay in Hanoi! It's quite impressive how the sight handicapped treat you with a nice understanding of massage! Had twice the "Zen in the Heart" (90 min for 450k) and one "Omamori"- Massage. i absolutely recommend everyone to enjoy this treatment!!

Thomas K

This establishment provides employment to blind folk who do THE most amazing massages. We went for 2 hours massage and came out completely relaxed although a little tender the next day as, if you ask for a deep tissue massage, you will definitely get one! The website address is a little confusing - there is only one venue and it is in within walking distance of the oOld Quarter. Treat yourself. .. don't even think about it!


Great service and very friendly staff. Highly recommend coming here! Even better because its supporting a social enterprise with a fantastic cause

Alison Kwan

A one-of-a-kind relaxation experience. I opted for the Swedish massage and enjoyed 90 minutes of pure bliss. Would recommend this wonderful spa and professional staff to anyone visiting Hanoi.

Clare Duiker

Tôi rất thích Omamori Spa! Tôi thường đến đây mỗi tuần một lần, luôn được đón tiếp nhiệt tình, thân thiện, chu đáo. Dịch vụ chăm sóc khách hàng rất chuyên nghiệp, đội ngũ kỹ thuật viên có tay nghề tốt, tận tâm và có khả năng giao tiếp tiếng Anh tốt !

Kim Cuong Le Thi

I had a beautiful massage this morning by a nice man. It was very high quality and supreme value for money. Highly recommend going to this Spa, don't forget to book.

Alice Alice

Clean, friendly staff and so far the best massage in Hanoi. New branch in Hang Bun is clean and more spacious. Value for money. Highly recommended!

Cherry Vu

My therapist has done exactly what I was expecting! The massage was definitely amazing and it seemed like my therapist can feel the needs of my body. The Spa is so clean, professional and relaxing. I kindly recommend Omamori Spa to anyone

Francesca Bin

I cannot recommend Omamori enough! I had the 60 min Omari back massage and it was probably the best back massage I've ever had. Anh was my therapist and I would highly recommend him. Thank you Anh!! Their initiative to support the visually impaired only makes it that much better

Amy Robert

My sister and I shared a room for a fabulous massage. We had so much fun, and laughed with our masseuses the whole time. I’d definitely recommend, and definitely return!

Sharon Terasa Sargent

Omamori is the best massage I ever had in my life. Both support staff and masseurs/masseuses were very friendly and professional. We went there with a group of 4 friends and took the Omamori treatment, and everyone enjoyed it a lot. Masseurs/Masseuses were clearly well educated, as they noticed our injuries/pains just by feeling our muscles and joints.