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Hồ Sĩ Cường - The Turtle, Never Give Up

Post 2022-05-18 13:50:56

Hồ Sĩ Cường - The Turtle, Never Give Up

The scientist Thomas Edison once said: "Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety nine percent perspiration". Is this timeless statement true or not? Perhaps for many people, it is not entirely true, because it sounds a bit theoretical.

Dear friends,

The scientist Thomas Edison once said: "Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety nine percent perspiration". Is this timeless statement true or not? Perhaps for many people, it is not entirely true, because it sounds a bit theoretical. For me, I always believed it. Where there is hard work, there will be success. And to demonstrate this, I would like to send everyone a small story, from someone "you know who". Hopefully after reading and listening, we will appreciate the values of ourselves and those around us. And those who are doubtful, not believing in their choices of the new journey, will somehow find the motivation to continue and reclaim the dreams and ambitions that they have set.

This interview was conducted by the blind therapist Le Tinh with newly graduate therapist Ho Quoc Cuong who took 8 months to study just one basic massage modality due to his multiple disability and long time isolated from social contacts.

Our therapist's name is Ho Quoc Cuong

The reward: "Is it true or is it a dream? I asked myself when I heard people read Big Sister's writing. To be more certain, I pinched myself - as hearing people talk, if I am dreaming, I will not feel painful at all. But the sharp pain told me that everything going on is completely true. A truth that I longs for, but has not dared to think it will come this fast. Something exploded in myself, a strange but not unpleasant feeling, I was happy, no, ecstatic! What is this emotion called? Right: "happiness". I has never experienced it before. "From tomorrow (January 1, 2019), Cuong will officially be a therapist of Omamori Spa." Big Sister stated so clearly, so of course it cannot be wrong. Officially a therapist, meaning from now, I also officially becomes a genuine employee, the money I earns would be a reward for my efforts. And from now, I will no longer be known as a useless person, who can only live by depending on others. I suddenly shuddered as  thinking about the past months: The days of being carefree, unconcerned in a small house at the countryside.

Cuong had massage for the soiders

Just a year ago, I couldn't imagine about having the same achievements today. Before this chain of events, I was living in a small house, with my sisters and mother who will always be protecting me throughout my life. My life would still be quiet with two major activities everyday eating and sleeping until that fateful day. The day mum told me to go to Hanoi to attend a training course and then work to earn money. Hanoi, I know it is the capital, the heart of the whole country. I also know it is very far away from home. Away from home, I am not afraid. Ten years ago, I had attended a three-month massage training class, and six-month braille in Hon Gai Blind Association in Quang Ninh province. But it was only three months and six months, so I knew the exact time to return home. Now, mom told me to go to Hanoi to study and go to work, possibly permanently. The timing is not clear, so when can I come home? Moreover, everything is strange, who will help me? Mom also added: "There is a cousin who also learned and made a lot of money there, I will ask him to help you." “How can you be sure" he thought, feeling uneasy. Then the day finally arrived. May 23, 2018, the date I remembered very well. The day I carried my baggage that was just a small backpack, with the mindset of a small bird forced to spread its wings to fly into the vast blue sky. Arriving with mom at Omamori Spa, I was like a little boy, holding mom's hand, didn't want to let go. However, everything must come to an end, as she left me with my younger cousin and everyone there, encouraging me to try my best.

Cuong joined X-Mas

Puzzlement, unfamiliarity, confusion, interest. In the early days of Omamori Spa, I always had to live in such a complicated mood. Here, everyone is so different. They  get along very well. They are visually impaired like me and my sister. Yet they can work, cook, sing, play musical instruments, and even speak English. I was also arranged for a massage class. But it seemed that this field is not suitable for me. For several months, I still could not achieve what is called "the art of massage" that the two teachers and other colleagues often told me. The hands were as rigid as logs, the body hasn't been active for a long time, so I could not move flexibly ... There were many people who said I was not suitable for this job. Sometimes I thought maybe that was true. But thanks to the encouragement and support of my cousin, the affectionate strictness of the two Moon and Sun teachers, the full assistance of Big Sisters,  and colleagues, and a secret desire inside, I persisted maintain learning and training. Then today, all that perseverance and effort is finally rewarded.

Merry Christmas with Omamori Spas's Staffs

Someone once said: "In order to change the perception and attitude of a person, it takes a lot of energy and time." That is even more true for me. Nearly eight months for a start, that time may be long for many people, but for me, it is nothing. From a useless person who, for thirty seven years, only depends on family, has no aspirations to grow ... Only after nearly eight months has I been able to do a job that requires art movements and high sophistication; able to interact basic English with high-end international customers. I can also think independently, dare to give my views and desires ... Isn't that extraordinary!

There is a phrase that goes around in Omamori Spa: "In order to do well for customers, there is a need for strategic thinking and high skilled techniques." I do not understand what strategic thinking is, what skills are ... With me, wanting to make customers happy, I have to completely concentrate and be careful when applying the learned movements. It is  that simple. "Don't worry about everything else happening, only focus on the client’s massage" - I always reminded himself. And perhaps because of that, customers had positive feedback on my attitude and expertise.

Happy New Year!  People saying to each other many times today. I knew it is a new year greeting. Another spring is coming. I suddenly recalled the verses that I heard on the radio: "Spring is coming all over the sky / but all spring is here." Yes, I imagine the spring was coming to me alone. A different spring than the other thirty-seven ones. This Lunar New Year, I can send Mom my salary to prepare for Tet Holiday. I will be able to buy gifts or give lucky money to sister's children. And this Tet, I can tell everyone in his hometown about my work, about experiences over the past year in Omamori Spa. I must share so that they know that blind people who cannot see can still think, play and work like other ordinary people.

Hanoi was so cold this morning. On the radio: they said the weather was still below ten degrees. It was so cold, but I felt warmth insight. In the training room, everyone and everything is so familiar. Though can't remember when, I had considered this place as the second home. I knew, if there was no place like this, if there weren't any of these empathetic people , there would probably be no me today. I was grateful to my cousin. Without his mentoring, with both physical and mental support, I might not overcome the difficult early days. I was grateful to the teachers, who helped me find the light - the light that could not be seen with my eyes, but could only be felt through hands, brain and heart. Grateful to my companions - both people with disabilities as well as sighted staff who are around to assist when I needed. And more than that, I was grateful to Big Sister - a person with a nurturing and radiant soul. Assuming that if she was not patient, if she abandoned me when she knew I was learning very slowly, my outcome would be much different.

"This is just the beginning. I hope you will become a good therapist in the future. Please remember: There is no way to reap rewards without having to overcome challenges." Her voice sounded like a bell that kept humming in my heart. I did not know what to say at the time, just formed a happy smile and a made a promise to myself " I will always try and improve to soon become the good therapist like everyone expects; I will work hard to earn more money and help mom live a comfortable life ".

: Hồ Sĩ Cường - The Turtle, Never Give Up

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