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Le Hoang Son, Transverse Flautist

Post 2022-05-18 13:51:11

Le Hoang Son, Transverse Flautist

Son, 19 years of age and single, is visually impaired. He grew up in Hưng Yên province, about 80 kilometers from Hanoi. 

Sơn first time heard about Omamori Spa when he attended a free 2-month Swedish training course organized by Omamori Spa for the Vietnamese blind people from the whole country at the Training and Rehab Center for the Vietnamese Blind.  One year later, he enrolled intensive massage training programs at Omamori Spa headquarter and been working as a massage therapist at Omamori Spa for over a year.

The first thing you will notice when you meet Sơn is his irresistible smile, and a ready laugh which often follows shortly thereafter. He is good natured and seems to love humor. Currently, when Sơn—pronounced “sun”—is not offering massage therapy to a client, he is most likely at school studying IT, practicing traditional Vietnamese transverse bamboo flute, or playing Chinese chess with friends. Though legally blind, Sơn says that because he is still young he can see just enough to walk unaided in good light and without use of a white cane. Recently given one by the Vietnamese Ministry’s White Cane Initiative he, nonetheless, gave his cane to a  completely blind friend who he says is more needy than himself. What may come is a real surprise is that, though in order to read written Vietnamese Sơn must hold his phone close enough to his eyes to distinguish one letter at a time, even so, he manages to make paper art, cutting detailed figures out of paper.

Once time, a sighted massage instructor named Thang, visited the men’s living quarters for those therapists that board at Omamori. Noticing one beautifully decorated bed he observed that male therapist must be the lucky one, to have such a thoughtful girlfriend who would decorate his bed so nicely. “No, Son did that himself”, explained one of the other therapists, much to Thang’s surprise.

House of handmade by Son

Sơn has explained that whereas when he was much younger he often felt discriminated against, as he has grown older he has gotten over those feelings, learning to get along with everybody.

Now he has learned to accept himself and find happiness in all of the goodness around him. Not only does Son have a good sense of humor but his candor is also much to be admired. Asked what, if any, advantages he perceives in being visually impaired, he readily responded that, “in primary school it gave me an easy excuse for not having completed homework I didn’t like!” He also admitted that when people noticed he was blind he had often received privileged treatment. Though Sơn’s English may be somewhat limited we’re sure you’ll enjoy his eager attempts to communicate, using what he knows. You’ll also want to hear him perform on transverse flute. Some of his recordings may be heard on Facebook. Perhaps one of our staff can help you find some examples of his artwork, both paper and musical!

: Le Hoang Son, Transverse Flautist

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