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My Story - Thanh from Nghe An province

Post 2022-05-18 13:50:52

My Story - Thanh from Nghe An province

Thanh is one of blind students enrolled our training program at Omamori Spa in the autumn of 2018. Thanh, 21-year-old girl from Nghệ An province, is always shy and felt uncomfortable meeting people because of her malformation of face at birth besides vision impairment. It is, again, another challenging task for Omamori Spa when trying to help her learning and making a living after graduation. 

Our plan is to teach her best massage skills and then we will let her wear the mask and sunglasses while performing the treatment to clients. 

Thanh is one of blind students enrolled our training program at Omamori Spa

Today, Reginald Williams is her first client. Regi didn't let her wear sunglasses and mask since he thought her smile is very beautiful. Below is his feedback.

" Based on my experience today, enjoying a massage at my place of work:

My Dear little sister Thanh,

I enjoyed an exceptionally fine massage today with Thanh. She may be young and inexperienced but her massage felt like it came from a trained professional (most of the time).

1) For all of my body, shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet the massage was extremely relaxing and I felt you had an intuitive connection with me. Your movements were confident and connected. It felt like the gentle waves on a lake washing over may body. You didn’t ask about pressure, and I asked you to increase pressure, which you did. I believe it softened again after a while but the massage still felt wonderful 2) When you asked me to turn over I think you forgot to ask if you could cover my eyes. I often like to be able to see, anyway. So I said nothing. Most of the time I just closed my eyes and relaxed. However, I looked up to watch her for a few minutes, once. I noticed that your elbows were bent, and I also noticed that the pressure was less at this time. Later, when my eyes were closed, I noticed that the pressure felt strong and better, again. I opened my eyes—and your arms were straight—like I learned while observing a teaching massage with Nham one day. Interesting!! When you transitioned from my back to my arms, moving from the nape of my neck around the neck, over the shoulder and down the arm I didn’t feel that you understood the best way to use your hand/fist/thumbs (I’m not sure) to give my neck attention as you moved on to my arm, but the arm massage was also excellent. 3) However when you later massaged my neck itself it felt excellent, with much stronger pressure than I had expected. Terrific! 4) Again, when you began working on my head, I felt that you had learned the proper places to massage, and had learned the techniques, but you didn’t seem confident. However, as you continued, for about the last ten minutes I felt again that I was experiencing the work of a great master. Incredible. You finished beautifully. The last ten minutes felt like a musical phrase composed by Brahms, Beethoven or Schubert—like a beautiful song. The phrasing went from a strong, clear voice to a sift and gentle decrescendo.

I’ll remember this massage for a long time (as I have remembered several others I have received at Omamori Spa).

And I shall remember for a long time the beauty of your happy smile as I thanked you at the end.

Thanks so much!! And thanks, also to the great masters who have taught you—and to your friends and supportive brother and sister therapists and receptionists. All of you make a truly beautiful family. A family I am proud to be part of.

Your brother in spirit,  Regie"

: My Story - Thanh from Nghe An province

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