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Programs for blind students at Omamori Spa

Post 2022-05-18 10:34:07

Programs for blind students at Omamori Spa

Omamori Spa, an oasis for work and for learning, where blind people are not only trained in professional massage but can also learn life skills, study English and exchange cultural understanding with customers from all over the world. 

Here, visually impaired people have the opportunity to assert themselves, erase the psychology of charity, break down the hesitant attitudes of customers, and begin a new chapter in life, each page, more meaningful, more beautiful. You will feel this more profoundly when you see the bright smiles of the blind each time they bring a special experience to their customers and every time they participate in a talent show!

Above all, at Omamori spa, blind technicians are no longer considered a burden to their families Indeed, some are even the main source of income, the family's pride

The photos below are witness to the continuous efforts of the therapists at Omamori Spa. They record our precious and valuable memories 






In February 2018, we have been organized the special training on Safety and Mobility for the visually-impaired and blind therapists at Omamori Spa.



 Thank you, the Global Volunteers team for spending time with us and passionately teaching us, patiently guiding us to perfect our English communication! We own you a lot on the long journey to bring bright future for the visually-impaired and blind therapists in Vietnam!














Journey of Memories is a special cultural exchange event which is designed mainly by blind therapists at Omamori Spa to express our gratitudes to volunteers from MBA program of Kelly School, Indiana University, Global Volunteers, and Regie William.MBA program, Kelly School, Indiana University has been partner of Blind-Link since 2017. The Global Volunteers has been partner of Blind-Link since 2013. Regie William volunteered to work full-time at Omamori Spa for 6 months since 2018. Guests were amazed with talents of blind therapists when exploring the colorful life of our blind staff, enjoying their musical performance and delicious food they cooked!







: Programs for blind students at Omamori Spa

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Omamori Spa: Breaking Barriers: A Decade of success for Blind Youth Employment in Vietnam.

Embark on a transformative journey with us to transform the job of blind youths in Vietnam as massage therapists..